We’re starting our product of the month with the amazing EVERLASTING COLOUR range, from Kevin Murphy. Which is designed to protect your colour, strengthen your hair and make your colour longer lasting.

Everlasting colour wash, rinse and leave in treatment spray.

The Everlasting colour range has been our top favourite product range of this month, the range consists of a wash,rinse,leave in treatment spray and a treatment home kit.

Everlasting wash is a sulphate free , ph balanced shampoo that gently cleanses and protects colour. This is suitable for all coloured hair types. The shampoo refreshes the hair whilst protecting against colour fade meaning longer lasting colour results. ” I absolutely love this range. my hair is soft, shiny and much easier to manage ” – client review.

Everlasting colour Rinse is a Ph balancing sulphate free product which helps to create shine, improving the hairs condition. The conditioner forms a protective layer and guards against colour loss, great for vibrant coloured hair!

Everlasting colour Leave in treatment spray treats the hair from the inside, designed to keep the colour vibrant, As well as building strength within to increase hair resistance and for improved stronger and healthier hair.


Kevin Murphy Everlasting Colour Treatment.

This is a bond building treatment to nourish and restore the hair, designed with vegetable and rice proteins. The Everlasting colour treatment adds shine, vibrancy, radiance and builds strength. Treatments are available in the salon apart of our Luxury Cut & Finish appointments.

The treatments are now available as home kits which contain X3 12ml Treatments and 1 sprayer. The products has lightweight style enhancers in so that its not necessary to rinse out, making the hair easier to style and protects your hair from heated styling tools.


    Keep an eye out next month for our favourite product and why not book in for a luxury cut + Finish and experience it yourself.