We always take into consideration the condition of our clients hair and make it a priority to keep it as healthy as possible. By doing this you will get the best possible results from your colour and gain greater longevity.

We may at times refuse a colour service if we feel the condition of your hair is (or will be) compromised, this is when we will advise on a course of pre-treatments before a colour service is carried out.

Our treatment menu is suitable for all clients , even those with virgin hair.

Metal Detox

Wash after wash, metal particles such as copper accumulate inside the hair fiber. They can be responsible for breakage and sensitisation during colour, balayage and bleach services. Concentrated with 10% Glicoamine  and enriched with Ionene, this pre-treatment protects the fiber before any serviced by neutralising copper overload. It also allows for optimal colour deposit and does not affect the lift when lightening hair. Fiber integrity is preserved and the colour result is prolonged. Boasting 100% colour longevity and 87% less breakage. A post-service treatment is applied, leaving hair feeling soft and shiny. Also available are shampoo and masque as part of your at-home haircare regime which help to prevent the absorption of metallic minerals in between your salon visits making this a great product for swimmers who have the issue of chlorine build-up.

Kevin Murphy TREAT.ME

A range of treatments that penetrate deep into the hair shaft with amazing long lasting results (upto 12 weeks). Choose from

  • Anti-Aging
  • Moisture infusion
  • Strengthening
  • Thickening

Pulp Riot

A range of 16 highly-pigmented vibrant semi-permanent shades with a creamy conditioner-like consistency with results lasting 25-42 washes. They fade evenly and true-to-tone. The formula is paraben, MEA, silicone and cruelty free as well as being vegan friendly.

Hair masks

Available in L’Oreal Professionnel and Kevin Murphy. More intensive than a conditioner, less intensive than deep penetrating treatment. For hair that needs a little TLC. Available as an add-on service in salon or to purchase as part of your homecare regime.