This Month our Favourite product has to be the one and only Metal Detox, a luxurious range which you can enjoy in the salon & now has its own  aftercare package to experience yourself at home.

Recommended Homecare: Anti Cleansing Cream, an ultra-creamy texture to gently help cleanse & remove metal inside the hair, followed by an anti deposit protector mask, which is fast absorbing texture to help strengthen, hydrate and instantly protect the hair. Finished with a Concentrated oil, which is rich nourishing and repumps the hair.


New* Metal Detox oil is enriched with Glicoamine, protecting the hair from deposits of metal particles. It also helps to remove any metals in the hair to reduce hair breakage. How does metal get in your hair?

When washing your hair, the water used runs through metal pipes and showers, which erode and cause (metals) to be carried in the water. Heavy metals weaken the bonds in your hair, and created the hair shaft more sensitive to breakage.

Why do we need to remove Metals (coppers) from the hair? After research it is shown that excess coppers can leave your hair feeling rough and more prone to breakage when having a colouring service. It is important that correct before & after care is taken place before the colour service is done to keep your hair feeling nourished and healthy.

Metal Detox has a four step protocol in the salon, following this will be the step to have healthier hair, cleaner colour results & less hair breakage.

Step 1

A professional pre treatment, before any colour work. ( Help neutralise metal before colour, balayage and lightening services).

Step 2

A cleansing cream shampoo ( Gently helps to cleanse and remove metal after colour)

Step 3

Anti deposit protector (metal detox mask) which helps to prevent new particles from coming back into the hair as well as providing strength and hydration.

Step 4

To finish off with the Metal Detox Oil which after using the whole range ups the less breakage by 97% as well as illuminating the colour.

Complement your colour, Balayage & lightening services to experience this fabulous range. Which is for all hair types and great for daily use. It Adds X2 the amount of shine, anti humidity lightweight feeling. Leaving the hair with a natural finish and smooth hair for up to 24hrs. The Fragrances is addictive! As Metal Detox penetrates the fibre and heals from with in, there is nothing like it. Great for all Hair types from fine to coarse hair.

Why not book in for a Luxury Cut & Finish to experience it for yourself & keep an eye out for our next favourite product!