Due to the current climate crisis becoming more prominent and continuing to significantly rise, we are supporting the environment and highlighting the urgent actions were taking within the salon to protect our beautiful planet.

Here at BAMBOO HAIR were taking action in changing multiple things to positively impact our climate. Such as; investing in sustainable products throughout the salon to reduce as much carbon footprint that’s being created within hair salons. We have already begun our journey in change and have implemented the following:



Throughout the salon we have changed all our lighting to LED Bulbs . LED Bulbs use less than 80% of energy compared to the standard incandescent bulb, this helps to reduce our carbon footprint due to the small amount of fossil fuels being burned in order to produce it. We also have big open windows in the salon to make use of natural lighting.


In our salon we made the decision to use Disposable Towels. Which are a modern alternative to using conventional cotton towels. They are more hygienic, they are used once and are disposable. They are Eco-friendly, Bio-degradable and decompose fast. The energy used in the whole life cycle of a single use towel is less energy used by your washing machine to clean one cotton towel. Only 10% of that is energy and water combined.


Heating is a big problem when it comes to the emissions realised into the atmosphere, therefore we have invested in some portable heaters and have reduced the temperature on the main heating if in circumstances its necessary to have it on. If heat loss can be reduced, less fuel is needed to heat the building and less carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere, reducing the increase in greenhouse gases that lead to global warming. We have several plug in heaters that warm up the room quickly and use only 500W in power. We also aim to keep the Main stream heating on limited timing throughout the day, therefore we provided microwaveable heat bags to keep clients warm throughout there service.


Alongside our salon being more sustainable, we work very hard to use brands that are eco friendly and support making a change to our planet. Because of this we chose to stock and use Loreal professional who find it there mission to make life more beautiful for all & believe  sustainability is a big part of this. We also work with a brand called Kevin Murphy which believe in giving back to the environment through every action they do. From packaging, the ingredients and where they source there products.


Kevin Murphy care deeply about the environment & recognise the seriousness of climate change. When it came to producing there products it was very important that when they were searching the world for ingredients they looked for companies that were organically growing practices, or ecologically sound wild harvesting techniques to ensure that the KEVIN.MURPHY range is of the very highest natural quality. Kevin Murphy announced they would be using only recycled plastics to produce their bottles in 2018. And not only that, they are creating a circular supply chain to collect plastics from the ocean, transport them to a sorting centre and then recycle them to create the KM packaging. Everything They do is visible through there:

  • Recyclable or biodegradable packaging
  • The square packaging they created so that 40% of less plastic is used
  • They have a variety of PETA certificated products
  • Ecologically sound wild harvesting & Micro Cultivation.

Why did we choose Kevin murphy? 

We are very passionate about being sustainable and Not only do Kevin murphy focus on there packaging but they only use natural ingredients in there products to help the environment. All Kevin Murphy products are naturally sulphate and paraben free using things like Citrus, Papaya, and Sugar Cane & other plant based sources to create a luxurious range that moisturises and nourish the hair. There is also an exceptionally wide range of vegan friendly products in  Kevin Murphy that continues to grow.

KEVIN MURPHY has decided to make waves by converting their packaging to be made from 100% recycled ocean waste plastic (OWP). The brand is the first Hair company to do something like this and in doing so they’ll save the planet from over 360 tons of new plastic each year. As it stands, KM only uses beeswax and animal derived amino acids in some of its products, making it 100% vegetarian with an extensive range of vegan products, I have listed some of these below. For more information on which products are vegan please ask next time your in the salon and we will be more than happy to help.





As our planet continues to face ever-evolving challenges Loreal are striving to reach ambitious milestones. Loreal launched “loreal for the future” in 2020, a dedicated programme to help salons & stylists on there sustainability journey. Loreal use ingredients that are rigorously selected. They favour biodegradable ingredients and products are eco tested to ensure they are harmless for the aquatic environment. Loreal Professional are taking conscious approach to reduce the use of virgin aluminium for there colour ranges. The DiaLight range packaging tubes are made from 95% recycled aluminium.  As well as Reducing the use of virgin plastics by using 95% recycled plastic for Serie expert bottles now having more sustainable packaging with recycled tubes.

Within Loreal we use a colour range called INOA, this is ammonia free powered by oils & all colours from the new INOA range is a vegan formula, with no animal derived ingredients.

To reduce the environmental footprint, Loreal have made a great change to there products and continue to reduce their carbon footprint. By 2020 96% of new or renovated products had an improved environmental and social profile. 69% of new formulas developed using renewable raw materials that are sustainably sourced or derived from green sciences. 85% of products have now got Eco designed packaging.

Loreal’s Aims 

Loreal aim to have 100% of there plastic packaging refillable, reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025. To have 100% of Loreal’s sites achieve carbon neutrality by 2025 and to have 100% of the plastic used in there packaging to be from recycled or bio-based sources by 2024.





We continue to make appropriate changes to improve our part in carbon footprint & to save our amazing planet.

Keep an eye out for our further blogs!