Stephen is the Manager at Bamboo Hair and has 21 years of experience in the industry. Stephen has an excellent set of skills when it comes to colour and cutting with a passion for precision With his creativity and technical knowledge. Ste ensures each cut and colour is tailored to the client to enhance there style.

He has been the manager at Bamboo for the last 15 years and really enjoys what he does.

( Manager Ste)


Afters Years of experience what is your favourite part to hairdressing?

I’m passionate about most aspects of colouring and have put a lot of work into the training behind this. I also love cutting bobs.

What’s your least favourite service?

( Colour & Cut By Ste)

It would probably be Hair ups, I really wished I enjoyed them!



If you wasn’t a hairdresser what would you do?

I would go into therapy or counselling work, I really like helping people & I like getting inside peoples heads.

Is there any current hair trends that you love and any that you don’t want to come back?

I love that Highlights are a big trend at the moment, Foliage, full head highlights, baby lights after Balayage stole the scene for the last few years. The trend that I wouldn’t want to come back would be silver hair, Silver hair is such a challenging colour to achieve but it doesn’t last long.

Do you specialise in anything?

I specialise in Colouring and cutting and have channelled my energy to it and excel.

If you could turn back time what advice would you give yourself as an apprentice?

Go on every course you can afford because education is the only wat to get better. You don’t have to be the best at everything focus on the things your most passionate about and specialise in it. And its okay to fail just carry on and put the work into it as its worth it!

If you wasn’t a hairdresser what would your chosen career path be? 

( Colour & Cut By Manager Ste)

I actually wanted to be a vet and followed that route but quickly realised I didn’t really enjoy sixth- form. So I left and entered into hairdressing which I fell in love with in the moment and I’m glad I did.

What route did you take into becoming a hairdresser?

( Colour & Cut By Manager Ste)

I did a apprenticeship which I completed in 15 months because I put the hard work into it.

If clients could know one thing, what would it be?

I would say hair is not indestructible, its important to look after it. And Colour doesn’t lift colour.

What is a fun fact about yourself?

I am double jointed, so my elbows can bend the other way.




If you would like to book a consultation for colour in with Stephen or book an appointment give us a call on 01902 424238 and we would be happy to help. You can also book in appointments for Cuts & finish’s Via our online booking system or app Bamboo Hair Wolverhampton. BookingPortal ( 


“When I first went to Bamboo just over a year ago my hair was bleached, damaged and a mess. Since then Stephen has taken the time to give me ideas, advice and has used his extensive professional expertise to repair my hair and make me feel better about myself.

(Review for Manager Ste)

Today he excelled himself, recognising that I am going through a difficult time at the moment and going the extra mile to make sure my visit was the best it could possibly be. My hair is in great condition and looks stunning. Thank you Stephen!”

“Lovely cut and finish, Steve always does what I ask and makes you welcome”

“Great salon with a great team. Stephen did my cut today and he’s so very talented! The team are super friendly and the service is very well priced! Some great advice about what products would work well on my hair too. Definitely worth a visit!”