Are you experiencing hair loss or your hair is fine or thinning? Then we have the perfect product range for you!

Plumping Wash

Plumping wash is a shampoo that’s formulated for fine and thinning hair types. Which is made from a blend of ginger root and nettle extracts. This nourishes and strengthens each hair follicle while stimulating the circulation to promote hair growth. The ginger root gently exfoliates the hair follicle making room for new hair to grow. Using this regularly it can prevent hair loss and will thicken your hair.

Plumping Rinse

Plumping rinse is a thickening conditioner which protects the hair from damage and prevents hair loss. Made from Hemsleya root which is full of oleanolic acids that promotes fuller hair. This is a great product to add shine and softness.

Main Benefits :

  • Plumps and strengthens fine hair.
  • Gives softness & shine
  • Sulphate paraben and cruelty free

Body Mass

Now Body mass is really the star of the show!

It is a leave in treatment spray designed for fine and thinning hair. The plumping treatment works with each strand of hair to stimulate hair growth. Preventing breakage and increases the circulation as this is applied  directly to the scalp. It creates bounce, body, strengthens and is a form of heat protection.

All of this range is sulphate paraben and cruelty free!




To find out more about this amazing product range please ask on your next visit & we will be happy to help 🙂


By Jodie Harrison