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At Bamboo Hair we like to work with the best brands and have chosen to use Hair Kings a local brand. Hair Kings offer excellent quality, 100 % Indian Remy hair with up to 43 colours to choose from and range from 12 inches to 28inches which can be cut & styled to your desire.

With hair extensions being a bespoke service we can tailor to fit you budget.

     LA- Weave Fitting Process

Laura our stylist is fully qualified in 3 different methods, LA- Weave, Pre bonding and Micro rings. So what are the Benefits of these methods?

The Pre Bonded Hair Extensions are made to last 10 -12 weeks following the correct aftercare, meaning there are less salon visits. Your hair can be worn up or plaited comfortably and discretely as the bonds can be made to the size of a grain of rice leaving undetectable results perfect for fine hair. The application time is around 3-4 hours for a full head. 19 colours available and up to 24 inches in length.

The Micro Ring Extensions are only a 2-3 hour application time for a full head  which lasts 10-12 weeks with the correct aftercare being followed. The outer part of the micro ring is made of metal with an inner silicone lining to protect the integrity of your hair. 37 colours are avaliable to choose from as well as up to 24 inches in length.

The LA-WEAVE is a No glue fitting. This means a quick and easy application, removal and reapplication. No heat is used during application.
No braids or plaits, keeping the application time speedy so you can enjoy your new hair sooner.
The hair can be re-used on reapplication providing you have maintained the quality at home with the correct home care products meaning a set of L.A. weave hair can last 9+ months. The LA-WEAVE Lasts 8-10 weeks before reapplication is needed and is only a 45 minute application. We have 43 colours available and Up to 28 inch length available.

To get the process started call the salon on 01902 424238 or email to get your consultation booked in. Just a reminder 20% off all extension fittings!