At the moment you can upgrade your cut & finish to a “Luxury Cut & Finish” and experience a professional hair treatment, followed by a relaxing head massage.

Anyone who books this in between 1st March 2024-  Saturday 30th March will receive an extra treat. You will also be added to a prize draw to win an Easter Egg. 

To book or upgrade your appointment please call the salon on 01902 424238.

What treatments are trending in our salon???

The Absolut Repair Molecular Treatment range is just fabulous! Its a quick process so anyone can fit this in with there service even if your short for time. It leaves instant results and strengthens the hair from the inside out and who doesn’t want healthy hair ?!

ARM has become very popular in the salon as its a treatment like no other and clients get to see the results there and then. Its got a great range that can be purchased as a homecare set which can be added to your selfcare routine and keep it up at home to see the best results in-between appointments. Client Review ” I love this product range I’ve had it done a few times now in-between my colour appointments and already see results”.

(Cut by Senior Stylist Laura)

Here is a little bit of information on what ARM (Absolut Repair Molecular) does. Absolut Repair Molecular Shampoo - Peter Mark LP Only | L'Oréal Partner Shop

Absolut Repair Molecular, Helps to repair damage & restore hair to its original strength. Its a four step treatment designed to help restore damaged, dry brittle hair. This includes a shampoo, pre-treatment, rinse-off serum, and leave-in mask, which are all formulated with peptide bonders which help to reinforce the hair’s natural structure. It’s designed for damaged, dry strands but can also be used to help strengthen hair before a major colour transformation (chemical service). With up to 82% more strength after using and it restore hair’s original elasticity & movement. Suitable for all hair types.

Why might i need this treatment?

Hair breaks and becomes elastic and can be past the point of being repairable up until now. Hair breakage can be caused from Chemical services such as colouring, perming, lightening but can also be caused from using heated tools at home (straighteners, curlers, hairdryer). Over time the damage can get worse and now leave you in a place where you can no longer have colour services or use heat on your hair.

L’Oréal’s Advanced Research team successfully managed to decompose peptides, to inject their components separately into the fibre. Once inside, they reform & rebuild the molecular structure of the hair with instant results after one use. This opens doors to being able to have colour services again or even just to get your hair back to its healthy natural state.

This treatment range isn’t a long process and can all be done during the shampoo process, this saves so much time and is perfect for you if you want to add a treatment onto your service. The Absolut repair molecular adds shine to dull hair, repairs from the inside out as well as rebuilding your hair. Adding strength and leaving protection to make your hair feel silky and healthy.

Absolut Repair Molecular - Starter Bundle - L'Oreal Professionnel | L'Oréal Partner Shop

Key Benefits:

  • Restores strength and elasticity.
  • Perfect for damaged and very damaged hair types.
  • Detangles
  • Adds shine


If you want shiny healthy hair, that is up to 82% stronger then this is the place to start call the salon to book in for your treatment now on 01902 424238

Treatments can be blast dried, blow-dried our part of the Luxury Cut & finish.