New Year New Look

Look at this amazing transformation created by our stylist Laura. 

Laura is fully qualified in 3 different hair extension methods, which are pre-bonding, LA-weave and Micro rings. Extensions are a perfect way to create the hair of your dreams whether it’s to add thickness, length or colour without the chemical commitment. Laura specialises in 3 different methods so that there is something to suit everyone.

” I love doing the LA-WEAVE extension method to create thickness, length and colour”.

The LA-Weave Method is glue free meaning it is a quick and easy application and removal. It can last between 8-10 weeks before a re-application is needed. Laura is excited to announce that we now stock Hair Kings Which have 43 different colours and go up to 28 inches. The application only takes 45 Minutes! And with the correct Maintenace using the correct after care products the LA-weave hair can last 9+ months.

Click the link below for more information on the Variety of hair extension methods that we offer in the salon.

Hair Extensions | bamboo hair

To get the process going, call the salon on 01902 424238 to book a consultation in with our stylist Laura.